Who is Chanell De-Gannes?

Founder and principal consultant of Mason & Dale Recruitment, Chanell is a passionate recruiter with heart-centred values.

Chanell has always wanted to be in recruitment. The draw of building relationships and helping people into work they love sits naturally with her ethos and core values in life. And so, her experience started early with temporary roles and eventually a shift into HR, feeling that the cut-throat sales tactics of the time in recruitment did not match her personality. But, it was this fork in the road that paved the way for Chanell to take her leap into recruitment with valuable HR knowledge and, crucially, as a more empathetic recruiter, working the long-game rather than the hard sell to get the best for her clients and candidates.

Working for big-name, global recruitment brands over the years, Chanell was able to cut her teeth successfully in an exciting, valuable but often rat-raced culture of recruitment, developing a thick skin as she went. But, while enjoying her time at work and learning from some of the best, the bums-on-seats route to success was no longer something she could align with.

And so the groundwork began. In the months leading up to March 2020, despite everything else going on in the world, Chanell worked hard to develop her business. Built on a foundation of relationship building and support and the core belief that she is helping people to make a future for themselves, the company strives to be the difference in recruitment consultancy.

Mason & Dale Recruitment launched in March with candidates and clients already on the books, thanks to her reputation as a consultative, caring and problem-solving recruiter. Chanell provides recruitment services and time, personalisation, and understanding for everyone involved to achieve the best outcome.

Ask Chanell why she loves recruitment so much, and she will tell you she feels privileged to support people on their employment journey. The excitement and fast-paced nature combined with supporting and nurturing the people she works with is the most fulfilling job she can have.

Proud to work in recruitment, Chanell is the difference at Mason & Dale, working hard to serve her people, strive for better in the industry, and make her mum proud.

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